Reaction on getting shortlisted:


“I feel happy, and am curious to know what happens next.”



Born in Malur, Kolar District, former professor C M Govind Reddy has written over 23 stories, poems, articles, and dramas for children. Few of his books include Makkala Mandara, Jadi Male Siridhaanya, Mattondu Mahabhaarataand Bheemana Maducve. He has been given several awards including Makkala Sahitya Pustaka Bahumaana from Karnataka Sahitya Academy and Sangamesha Dattipuraskara from Kannada Sahitya Parishat. Children have accessed his writings through textbooks where several of his stories and articles have been included across different classes.


Jury Speaks:

“C M Govind Reddy’s language is easy to read. His poems draw children to read and perform due to their lyrical style. Mythological stories, episodes and characters are recast very well. This brings a fresh perspective to the reader. Through his folk stories and Panchatantra narratives, he infuses fresh energy and engages with children on issues of discrimination, caste and class. His bold attempt to bring these issues to the children in a sensitive yet relevant manner is well received and appreciated.”


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