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A Saree for Ammi

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“This is a heart-warming story of two sisters who take up several odd jobs to get a surprise gift for their mother. The colourful illustrations place the story among the Muslim community who weave sarees in Kota.”

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Zakir and His Tabla Dha Dhin Na

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The story of Ustad Zakir Hussain’s childhood as he learns to play the tabla from his strict and famous father, Allarakha. The animated illustrations take us into the world of Indian music and we can almost hear the table beats, with young Zakir’s hands and hair flying as he plays the tabla.

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Ammachi’s Incredible Investigation

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“The tasty uniappams disappear. Who could have stolen and eaten them? There are three possible suspects – the civet cat, grandfather and the dog? Ammachi, the clever grandmother, lays three different traps three different traps to catch the prospective thief. A lovable story which all small children will adore.”

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