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Tail Tale

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“Gorgeous illustrations matched with rhythmic nonsense verse that ends up making sense and reaffirms a sense of being comfortable in one’s own body. It is a lot of fun and children will surely like it.”

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The Miracle on Sunderbaag Street

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This is a lovely, layered story of children’s connections with their lived environment. The story portrays the relationship between a child and an adult in a gentle manner, conveying warmth without becoming syrupy-sweet. The illustrations are evocative with each charactebeing unique in its detail, and the garden coming stunningly coming alive through the pages.

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Bombay Ducks, Bombay Docks

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“This book describes the lives of the traditional Koli fisherman of Bombay. Grandmother Aaji tells the story about the Kolis – the original inhabitants of Bombay. Their favorite food is a local fish, Bombil, also called Bombay Duck. How did the fish get this name? This fascinating story tells how the lives of the Koli […]

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