Perhaps the most fulfilling aspect of my work in Bookworm is that I get to share our experiences in a learning environment with other people. I was in Yadgir District in North East Karnataka doing a workshop for 50 ‘animators’ who will open library rooms in 50 Government schools and the joy of sharing books, book related activities and story telling pedagogies leaves me exhilarated at the most exhausting times.

Kalike (www.kalike.org) is a Tata Trusts initiative that works in education, health, water sanitation and livelihood in the region and a harder working team is perhaps hard to find ! I was honoured to be a part of the library growth opportunity with my friend and co library educator Usha Mukunda.

We worked hard as we are want to do every time we are paired together, but often bring out the best in each other and the participants. From the first day, we sensed a group that was very engaged, open to discussion and questioning ( critical library educator features we watch for) and eager to learn.

We explored books through a variety of library games and energised ourselves with sharing, book exchanges, scribble mural to decorate our library and understanding about ways of building and strengthening relationships with books.

I feel my last few days were enriching and spent well and as ever I am grateful for this journey of  crawling with bookworms in different corners of this country.

Originally posted at Bookworm’s website.

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