Stories: An Integral Part of Early Education

Stories are perhaps the largest repository of knowledge, culture and traditions in the face of human history.

Nirupama Kaushik kitablet 19 Dec 2017

Reigniting the Love for Reading

On the first day of my job at Ankur, a comprehensive residential education programme, I was taken around the campus by a staff member.

Suparna Chattarji kitablet 29 Nov 2017

The Inheritance Never Lost

The earliest stories that interested me came from the oral tradition. Having born into a Hindu higher caste Brahmin family in Kerala more than half a century ago, I remember chanting prayers at sunset with all my cousins in the joint family, in front of a traditional lamp.

M.V. Radhakrishnan Kitablet 21 Apr 2017

प्रभात का उजाला

कविता की शुरुआत कैसे करते हैंकैसे बनती है कविता ?

प्रभात : कविता लिखने की इच्छा तो हमेशा ही रहती है. कविता को लेकर विचार करना, पढ़ना चलता रहता है.

kitablet 21 Apr 2017

Uniquely Artful

When Anant Pai chose to tell Indian stories through comics he was viewed with great skepticism.

Reena I. Puri kitablet 20 Mar 2017

Rendezvous with a Poet

Q: How do you start a poem? How does a poem become a poem? 

Prabhat: There is always a desire to write a poem. The thinking, the reading…it just goes on and on.

Ajaa Sharma kitablet 13 Feb 2017