( on behalf of the OELP Team)

We are happy to inform you that a three day workshop on “Art, Creative Expressions and Book Making” was organised by OELP from the 21st to 23rd of August 2015 at Nallu village and was attended by our village library members from Patan, Kankniawas , Phaloda and Chundri villages. The participating  children were in the age group of 10 to 14 years.The idea behind this creative workshop was to enhance the available creative skills and help these children to pick up the skills of story writing and book making. The ultimate aim of the workshop is to equip children to create their own books which can initially be shared within the OELP libraries, and at a later point of time perhaps even with a wider audience.

For the detail report please see the link below.Art, Creative Expressions and Book Making

We’d really appreciate your responses and suggestions.

In and Out of the Library System

I have been on the margins of the Government system for all of my life – both personal and professional until the last decade. It is a comfortable, easy place to stand and watch and intersect when and if necessary, driven always by my own needs.

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Thinking About School Libraries

When we think of school experiences, we tend to come up with similar images – some vibrant, others sepia,  and a few worn out.

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