Reflections on LEC Yatras

“Oh! You’re going to Goa?” “You’ll have a grand time there with the sea and the sand and the food,” said everyone a bit enviously when they heard I was off to Goa for a week.

Usha Mukunda Library Educator's Course 30 May 2017

An Old Captivity

Recently I read an absorbing account of a friend’s reading journey and that started me off on my own recollections.

Usha Mukunda kitablet 23 Jan 2017

The Great Book Chase

Lurking deep in the heart of every librarian is a set of amazing stories which are not a part of the library collection.

Usha Mukunda kitablet 18 Jan 2017

The Best of Times

The present time is a very exciting one for libraries and library educators.

Usha Mukunda Library Educator's Course 1 July 2014