Of Boxes and Labels

Of Boxes and Labels

Flyaway Boy is a story about a boy who doesn’t fit in – not in his school, among friends and sometimes even struggles to feel part of his family. As the author Jane De Suza writes, everyone lives in boxes. And Kabir saw those boxes…

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 27 November 2020

Pyari Madam

Pyari Madam

Pyari Madam is the story of a young school girl who interacts with her teacher through her diary, where she opens her heart out…

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 31 July 2020

Finding Magic in Everyday Life

Finding Magic in Everyday Life

For someone who knows Mumbai the title itself is intriguing. Are there mountains in Mumbai, you wonder? The size of the book…

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 10 July 2020

A Book of Our Times

“There was once a man who believed he owned everything and set out to survey what was his.”
The first line of Oliver Jeffers’ new book gives you a hint that something important is going to unfold.

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 06 March 2020

A Gentle Story with a Powerful Message

A Gentle Story with a Powerful Message

Khaled Hosseini is one of my favourite authors and when I chanced upon a book by him for children/young readers I was excited…

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 03 January 2020

Translations, Reprints & Original Writing – Rejuvenating Kannada Children’s Literature

In 2018 the Big Little Book Award for Author went to Mr. Nagesh Hegde for significant contribution to Kannada children’s literature. 

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 24 September 2019

NEP: Children’s Literature and Reading Promotion – Missing Link?

The draft National Policy on Education (NEP), 2019

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 16 July 2019

Sau Pedon ke Naam

The Riyaaz Academy for Illustrators was seeded by the Parag Initiative as an effort to build a cadre of trained children’s illustrators who understand children and reading.

Swaha Sahoo Parag Nurtures 14 May 2019

Mother Steals a Bicycle and other Stories

Mother Steals A Bicycle and Other Stories is a collection of stories told by the narrator, who shares with the reader a series of stories about her mother’s (Amma) exploits in a southern village in India where she grew up.

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 3 May 2019

Frankfurt Diaries: Imagining Desirable Futures

Frankfurt Buchmesse (Book Fair) 2018 has a separate theme called The Arts+ that looks at technology

Swaha Sahoo Parag Reads 15 October 2018