The Sad Little Fact

What We Can Unfold with The Sad Little Fact

‘It was sad. It was little. It was a fact. Nobody believed it. People accused it of being fake. They tried to bury it. They tried to destroy its spirit. But facts are stubborn things…’

Proma Basu Roy Parag Reads 07 August 2020

The Mystery of the Missing Soap

I wonder what Charles Dickens was thinking when he wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times … 

Proma Basu Roy Parag Reads 24 April 2020

The Magical Web Bridge

I love birds. From there stems my desire to pick up any book with a story of a bird, with birds on the cover or in any of its pages. 

Proma Basu Roy Parag Reads 03 April 2020

The Visitor

When the visitor comes to you…

On a chair. He was asleep. Dreaming? The visitor arrives. And he opens his eyes. Startled. Most unwanted. Go away! But not so easy. Visitor is here to stay. Stays. He eludes instead.

Proma Basu Roy Parag Reads 16 August 2019

Must we pick flowers?

‘My parents have been picking flowers their entire life. I hate picking flowers.’

The opening lines and the heap of pink flowers welcome you to no ordinary ‘flower picking’ but a metaphor for something rather stark – manual scavenging. 

Proma Basu Roy Parag Reads 19 April 2019

When Book Art Travels Beyond Books

Picture books delight us with their wide array of illustrations in differing styles. Each illustrator has his or her own style and approach that adds to the story. So what do illustrations look like before they are printed?

Proma Basu Roy Parag Nurtures 29 January 2019