मेरी ज़मीन मैं बचाऊँगी

ज़मीन हड़पने, उचित मुआवजा न मिलने, अपनी ही ज़मीन से बेघर किये जाने और कई तरह के उत्पीडन का विरोध देश के अलग-अलग हिस्सों में हो रहा है| ये खबरें कभी सुनने में आती हैं और कभी, नहीं|

Ajaa Sharma Parag Reads 19 July 2019

For the impact of libraries!

किताबें झांकती हैं बंद अलमारी के शीशों से’, read Gulzar in one of his poems. As I re-read it, I wondered if these ‘band almaris’ had been open. If they had been open, has everyone consumed the pleasure of books before the almirahs closed? Will they be open forever?

Ajaa Sharma Parag Nurtures 16 April 2019

एक दिन जब अमोस मक गी बीमार पड़े

इस किताब से मैं हाल ही में परिचित हुई और पढ़ते ही इसकी अपनी एक कॉपी की चाह मन में बन गई| कवरपेज देखकर ही पता चलता है की इस किताब को चित्रांकन के लिए एक अवार्ड भी मिला है और किताब देखकर ये स्पष्ट हो जाता है की क्यों मिला होगा|

Ajaa Sharma Parag Reads 12 April 2019

Beyond Classes at the Library Educator’s Course

Our second contact classes for the 2018 batch of Library Educator’s Course (Hindi) began on Independence Day at Bhopal. Being in the library is indeed a sort of independence. And this time the beginning was not with a gathering, formal hellos, games or feedback.

Ajaa Sharma Parag Nurtures 31 January 2019

​Musings from a teacher’s training

Through this year our team has been engaged with government teacher’s training in Uttar Pradesh for libraries in schools. We have now trained 100 teachers, which is a big number for a small team as ours but a drop in the ocean for the state.

Ajaa Sharma Parag Nurtures 14 November 2018

5 favourite Animal Books

Children’s books are kind of wedded to animal stories and characters. Sometimes as themselves, sometimes as humans – animals perhaps come close to human experience of emotions of all kinds, except that animals in stories often speak the human language in words which may not be true in real life.

Ajaa Sharma Parag Reads 20 August 2018

Talk to ponder

We just winded up the second contact classes of the 3rd batch of Library Educator’s Course and one thing that stayed with me this time was the ‘need to talk’ about literature.

Ajaa Sharma Library Educator's Course 12 Sept 2017

Rendezvous with a Poet

Q: How do you start a poem? How does a poem become a poem? 

Prabhat: There is always a desire to write a poem. The thinking, the reading…it just goes on and on.

Ajaa Sharma kitablet 13 Feb 2017

The Cow That Ate Fish and Meat

This story, titled in another publication as Our Non-Veg Cow and Other Stories, triggered my interest the very first time I saw it on the shelf.

Ajaa Sharma kitablet 23 Jan 2017