I’m glad being one of the shortlisted authors, but do not feel morose to be one of 100 writers, too. In fact, I feel most prized when I realise that I have been able to squeeze myself in any of my writings.


Amarendra Chakravorty is a poet, writer and travel-filmmaker who is also the founder-editor of the Bengali travel magazine Bhraman. He has written a number of books for children. His books Amazoner Jongole, Hiru Dakat andShada Ghora are quite well known. Many of his books have been translated into regional as well as foreign languages. His book Gorillar Chokh won the Bal Sahitya Purashkar of the Sahitya Academy. His penchant for travel and adventure comes through in his writing. He is one of the critically acclaimed authors writing in the children’s literature genre in Bengal today.

Jury Speaks:

“Amarendra Chakravorty has worked in a variety of forms in the last few decades including prose and poetry, not restricting himself to any one mode of storytelling. He has continued to reinvent himself, working quietly, and has not overproduced or written according to any formula. In fact, very few of his themes and subjects repeat themselves.”

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