Parag, an initiative of the Tata Trusts, was set up to support the development of and access to good quality story books for children in Indian languages. We support school and community libraries so that children have free access to books and an open and vibrant environment that supports reading for pleasure. We also work to nurture the children’s literature sector through awards, professional courses and linking various stakeholders together through events for teachers, librarians and facilitators.

Upcoming events and courses

LEC 2022 Hindi

LEC 2021 Hindi

LEC 2020 English English course commenced on April 2020

LEC 2020 Hindi

LEC 2019 English English course commenced on April 2019

Parag Honour List Books

A curated collection of outstanding books in English and in Hindi, for children and young adults. This list, published annually, comprises noteworthy books of the year with brief information about each title. It has been created with careful screening and multiple reviews by experts in the children’s literature sector.

Parag Catalogue

Download our catalogue for a collection of books published by the Trusts’ partners, under picture books, poems, young readers, activity Books and teachers’ resource books categorized according to age and genres.

Reading Lists

Download our Recommended Reading Lists in multiple Indian languages and strengthen your library collection